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CVS2 Web-based Home Vergence Exercises

The CVS2 Web-based Vergence Exercises

The Revolutionary New Computerized Home Vergence Exercise


The New CVS2 runs on most iPad, Android, Chromebook, Windows 7-11, Mac OSx, and most other devices or tablets that are 7.5 inches in width or greater.

CVS2 is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use web-based vergence exercise program that your patients can run on Windows & Mac computers, iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks. CVS2 encourages and motivates your patient by continuously evaluating their progress and making the exercises more challenging whenever the goals are achieved.

CVS2 uses Random-Dot Stereograms as well as Second Degree Targets for patients who can not appreciate a RDS target. The results of each exercise session are documented as the program notes the date, duration and vergence demand of each exercise. All results are available for your review via the Internet.

The CVS2 Web-based Vergence Exercises

Find out more about this revolutionary new way to offer affordable, efficacious and entertaining vergence exercises to your patients!

The CVS2 Program is available only from an eye doctor.

Contact your eye doctor for more information.