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The CVS2 Web-based Vergence Exercises

The Revolutionary New Web-based Home Vergence Exercise Program for Convergence Insufficiencies

CVS2 is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use web-based vergence exercise program that your patients can run on Windows & Mac computers, iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks. CVS2 encourages and motivates your patient by continuously evaluating their progress and making the exercises more challenging whenever the goals are achieved.

CVS2 uses Random-Dot Stereograms as well as Second Degree Targets for patients who can not appreciate a RDS target. The results of each exercise session are documented as the program notes the date, duration and vergence demand of each exercise. All results are available for your review via the Internet.

Everything your patients need to get started is supplied, including the CVS2 Red/Blue Glasses and Patient’s Manual.

With your first trial program we will supply a complimentary Doctor Evaluation Kit. It includes your copy of the CVS2 program, which allows your staff to demonstrate the CVS2 program to patients and also view the results of their exercise sessions if you desire. The CVS2 program is fully automated and easy to use. Exercises include: Divergence, Convergence,  Jump Vergence, Jump Vergence Random, Vergence (Base-Up), Vergence (Base-Down).

The concise manual outlines the exercise regimens and Help Menus are available for all exercises.

CVS2 is the perfect way to offer vergence exercises to your patient that is entertaining, economical and efficacious.

Easy to Use and Implement

Simply click a button to activate the menu-driven exercises. The program automatically guides your patient through the assigned exercise regimen as goals are achieved.

Proven Effective

Thousands of patients have successfully completed their exercise regimen using the CVS2 or associated HTS program.

Your staff can learn to use the CVS2 program in less than one hour and patients will be using their program in just a few minutes. Free Customer Support… CVS2 offers a toll-free customer support line to answer any questions your patients may have. You simply diagnose and dispense, we take care of everything else.

Fully Automated

CVS2 provides two modes of operation.

In the Auto Mode, the program presents your patient with a daily assignment. As the exercise regimen progresses, the program guides patients through successive exercise levels when goals are achieved.

The Manual Mode allows you to design your own custom exercise regimen.


The CVS2 program uses methods of behavioral modification in an operant conditioning paradigm.

The program uses random dot stereograms and other objective targets… CVS2 “knows” if patients have performed the prescribed exercises correctly.


CVS2 presents patients with a bar graph showing exercise goals. Performance results from their last and current sessions are also displayed.

Each time your patient meets or exceeds a exercise goal they receive a Gold Star. When all the Stars are gold that exercise is completed and will be removed from their daily assignment.

This visual reinforcement virtually “pats your patient on the back” encouraging them to try harder.

Easy Monitoring

The CVS2 program provides a cumulative graph depicting each session’s performance results. The program denotes date, time, duration and performance of each exercise session.

CVS2 provides documentation showing when your patient has performed the exercises, and also if they were performed correctly.

Patient Fact Sheet & Technical Support

CVS2 provides a Patient Fact Sheet that addresses the most frequently asked questions, thus saving you and your staff valuable time.

Free Customer Support

CVS2 offers a toll-free customer support line to answer any questions your patients may have. You simply diagnose and dispense, we take care of everything else.


The CVS2 Program may be returned for a full refund if you or your patients are not completely satisfied.