Computerized Home Vergence Exercises

The CVS Program

The Revolutionary New Computerized Home Vergence Exercise

Program for Convergence Insufficiencies

The AmbP iNet Program

12 Entertaining Home-based Near Vision Activities

Designed for The Treatment of Amblyopia

CVS is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use vergence exercise computer application that your patients can run on Windows and Mac computers. CVS encourages and motivates your patient by continuously evaluating their progress and making the exercises more challenging whenever the goals are achieved.

To assure compliance CVS uses Random-Dot Stereograms. Each exercise requires bifovial fixation for correct responses. The responses required are a simple choice of four arrows keys; up, down, left or right. The results of each exercise session are documented as the program notes the date, duration and vergence demand of each exercise. All results are available for your review via the Internet.

HTS has created an amblyopia hand-eye coordination program which uses principles of operant conditioning and behavior modification to appropriately alter stimuli characteristics to improve visual acuity. Patients begin therapy with targets that are easily seen and become progressively smaller as therapy progresses. Correct responses are reinforced with subsequent reduction in the size of the stimuli. Therapy is directed to improve resolving ability with concomitant use of hand-eye coordination tasks. Therapy can be preformed monocularly or monocularly in a binocular field.

The AmbP iNet program provides a cumulative graph depicting each session’s performance. The computer denotes date, time, duration and denotes when your patient has performed the assigned tasks as well as if they were performed correctly.

The CVS Program

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The AmbP iNet Program

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The CVS and AmbP Programs are available only from an eye doctor.

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